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B.C. Forbes (1880-1945)
Ocean Transportation:

Tiger Global Logistics counts with a modern ocean transportation system which effectively maximizes our warehousing and mobility capacity.
We provide reliable, cost-effective ocean service for LCL and FCL shipments to and from all major ports worldwide.
Along with a global network of the highest-qualified providers, Tiger Global Logistics has almost unlimited pre/post carriage lanes and ocean
transportation options.
Thanks to our management and procurement functions, we are able to offer you a balanced combination of cost and performance thought-out
services to meet the challenges involved in maritime transport.
Our ocean transportation services can be combined with air and land modes if required.
Whatever your logistics needs may be, we can help.

Areas of activity in ocean transportation include:

Full Container Loads (FCL): TIGER Global Logistics identifies the most efficient, least congested ports to ensure timely delivery of freight.
Access to a proven network of global agents helps to lower landed cost and ensure local knowledge.
· International transport of full regular or special containers from origin to destination.
· Tracking and locating.
· Just-in-time delivery.
· Warehousing.
· Assessment of hazardous materials documentation by our experts.
· Customs clearance.
· Choice of carriers according to transit time, frequency and service.
· Ocean cargo insurance.
· Transportation document review.
· In-land transport by road, rail or barge.
· True door-to-door transportation.

Less than Container Load (LCL): When you don't have enough cargo for a full container, you need our less-than-container-load (LCL) service,
which consolidates cargo and gets your shipment moving without delay.

· Delivery and pick-up to/from our cargo freight stations.
· Route option information.
· Qualified staff to ensure safe handling of cargo.
· Regular scheduled departures.
· Batch verification.
· Maritime insurance.
· Transport from origin to destination using a single point of contact.
· Customs clearance.

Air Transportation:

Tiger Global Logistics offers a global and cost effective solution to all of your air freight needs.
Through a worldwide network spanning the four corners of the globe, our teams of cargo professionals provide global services and local
expertise to ensure complete door-to-door transportation and smooth Customs clearance at all times. We have countless options that strike the
proper balance between cost and performance so that your cargo will reach its destination securely, on time, and at reasonable cost.
Air transportation needs and logistics are handled by an experienced team with access to an integrated national and international network to
move and track your cargo and process all the required documentation.
Our direct, integrated network and affiliate representation around the world allows us to ship via air to any international destination.

Services in air transportation and logistics include:

· Air transportation services to and from all major international airports.
· Transportation of any type of cargo, from hazardous materials, GOH and projects to time-sensitive shipments.
· Compliance with all industry regulations and licenses.
· Door-to-Door, Airport-to-Airport, Door-to-Airport, and Airport-to-Door.
· Temporary and long term storage.

Road Transportation:

When you need road transportation, you need a professional that understands your business goals.
That’s why Tiger Global Logistics is the right choice for you.

Along with a global network of alliances with the highest qualifications, Tiger Global Logistics has an almost limitless array of land
transportation and warehousing options at its disposal, offering alternatives to suit your transit time, delivery and pick-up needs
With our strategic capability and planning of road transportation will sort out your road transportation in any issues and region.
This is why we have chosen to work with local providers in the different countries, so that their experience and expertise can become tools for
security and efficiency when transporting any type of cargo over land.
Our Road Freight specialist team has a strategic structure in providing you the best service by understanding your needs and objectives and we
seek out for effective solutions.

Tiger Global Logistics offers you with just one call access to the core strengths of hundreds of transportation companies and at the same time
a dedicated account executive for you with the expertise and the experience to provide service consultation and tailor made solutions to your
logistics needs.

FTL - Full truckload: Tiger Global Logistics provides great solutions for
· Door-to-door delivery service.
· Expedited to deferred transit times.
· Heavy, oversized and project type cargo.
· Dry Van
· Temperature controlled
· Special equipment
· Delicate cargo, such as goods that are fragile and require less handling.

LTL - Less than Truckload: Tiger Global Logistics will find you the best and reliable solutions for small, medium and large parcels, where
the cost is essential key to keep your business growing in a top competitive market.

TIGER Global Logistics provides a wide array of convenient and cost effective warehousing solutions.

We recognize how important is the role of transloading, warehousing and distribution in the supply chain. That is why Tiger Global Logistics
provides a wide array of convenient and cost effective warehousing solutions.
Along with our subcontractors, all of them being highest-qualified providers, Tiger Global Logistics provides bonded, secure and easily
accessible warehouse facilities:
· Capability to handle any type of cargo.
· Bonded storage and distribution area.
· Domestic storage and distribution area.
· Container Freight Station CFS (in-transit cargo).
· Full container load storage (bonded and domestic).
· Off-loading and loading docks (trucks or containers).
· Handling vehicles and special equipment.
· 24-hour security.

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