Smart transportation
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B.C. Forbes (1880-1945)
Air Transportation

Tiger Global Logistics offers global and cost effective solutions to all of your air freight needs.
Through a worldwide network spanning the four corners of the globe, our team of cargo professionals provides global services and expertise to
ensure complete door-to-door transportation and smooth customs clearance at all times.
We have countless options that strike the proper balance between cost and performance so that your cargo will reach its destination securely,
on time, and at reasonable cost.

At Tiger Global Logistics your client's air transportation's needs and logistics are handled by an experienced team with access to an
integrated national and international network to move and track your cargo and process all the required documentation.
No matter where your cargo is headed, our direct integrated network and affiliate representation around the world allows us to ship via air to
any international destination.

Services in air transportation and logistics include:
· Air transportation services to and from all major international airports.
· Transportation of any type of cargo, from hazardous materials, GOH and projects to time-sensitive shipments.
· Compliance with all industry regulations and licenses.
· Door-to-Door, Airport-to-Airport, Door-to-Airport, and Airport-to-Door.
· Temporary and long term storage.
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