Smart transportation
...if you don’t drive your business,  you will be driven out of business.               
B.C. Forbes (1880-1945)

We recognize how important is the role of transloading, warehousing and distribution in the supply chain. That is why Tiger Global Logistics
provides a wide array of convenient and cost effective warehousing solutions.

Along with our subcontractors, all of them being highest-qualified providers, Tiger Global Logistics provides bonded, secure and easily
accessible warehouse facilities, along with:

· Capability to handle any type of cargo.
· Bonded storage and distribution area.
· Domestic storage and distribution area.
· Container Freight Station CFS (in-transit cargo).
· Full container load storage (bonded and domestic).
· Off-loading and loading docks (trucks or containers).
· Handling vehicles and special equipment.
· 24-hour security.
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